Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services


VRA Officers and Board Members

Meet the VRA Officers and Board Members

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Sarah Storck, President

Founder, Next Step Success, LLC


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Rhonda Beavers Chandler, President Elect

Pre-Employment Transition Counselor,  Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services



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William Sutton, Jr., Immediate Past President

Workforce Development Specialist, Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services


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Eleanor Williams, Treasurer

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Justin Sheets, Secretary

ASD Services Manager, Vocational Counselor – The Choice Group 

"I am currently working on obtaining my licensure as a Professional Counselor. I believe therapy is a valuable process to help clients identify and overcome challenges, develop goals and work towards creating a fuller and more rewarding life for themselves." 


Board Members

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Adair Jensen-Smith, Class of 2021

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Janet Mikesell, Class of 2021

VR Counselor,  Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services

"I joined VRA to collaborate with my colleagues in different fields to help empower individuals with disabilities." 


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David Shapiro, Class of 2022

Retired Disabled Advocate

"I joined VRA to learn how VA VR really works to help disabled adults find steady & gainful employment in our state.  I also wanted to learn to be a better Advocate for all disabled people in VA." 


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Kim H. Shepard, Class of 2022

DARS District Director, Hampton Roads

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Tyler Schreffler, Class of 2023

Unit Supervisor, Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services (Fairfax)

"I joined VRA after completing Grad School as an opportunity to network and connect with other professionals within the field of Rehabilitation. Being a member of VRA has allowed me to learn more about the wide range of jobs available within the field of Rehabilitation and how many of these positions work together to support individuals with disabilities."  



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Malvina Sandidge-Penn, Class of 2023

Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services

"I have over 30 years in the Human Services field with some of those years working at a state institution as well as Community Services Board and Judicial Systems.  I currently hold the following certifications: CNA (certified nursing assistant - VA), QMHP-A (Qualified Mental Health Professional- Adult - VA), CCHW (Certified Community Health Worker - VA), AAC (Associate Addictions Counselor - VA), CDP, Certified Dementia Practitioner - NCCDP).  

I joined DARS in 2019 as a VR Counselor and I have recently been assigned to work with schools in the Pittsylvania County Area where I now serve as a Dual Counselor.  I joined VRA/VRCEA in 2019.


VRA Committees

Education and Training Committee Chair Members

  • Rhonda Beavers-Chandler

  • Tuajuana Smoot-Hairston

The Education and Training Committee is responsible for creating training opportunities for the Virginia Rehabilitation Association members as well as determining existing opportunities and disseminating information regarding both. 

Membership and Communication Committee Chair Members

  • William Sutton Jr.

  • Rhonda Beavers-Chandler

Website and Social Media Coordination

  • Tyler Schreffler

The purpose of the Membership and Communication Committee is to develop, maintain and promote membership in the Virginia Association and to assist the divisions of VRA with membership problems.

Awards Committee Chair Members

  • William Sutton, Jr.

  • Rhonda Beavers-Chandler

  • Tuajuana Smoot-Hairston

This subcommittee of the Communications and Membership Committee is responsible for the recognition of outstanding individuals and groups who have served persons with disabilities as well as recognition of the achievement of persons with disabilities.

Collaborations Committee Chair Members

  • William Sutton Jr.

  • Adair Jensen-Smith

  • Sarah Storck

Ways and Means Committee Chair Members

  • Ericka Neville

  • William Sutton, Jr.

  • Adair Jensen-Smith

  • Kimberly Shepard

  • Margie Millner

 To raise funds for VRA and support fund raising efforts of the NRA at the national and regional level as necessary.

Legislative Committee Chair Members

  • Eleanor Williams

  • Bonnie Henn

To interpret to and inform the membership, the Board, Resolutions Committee, and other selected committees of any past, current and/or proposed legislation (federal and state) that would impact the course of rehabilitation of persons with disabilities. To propose legislation to the Board that enhances the lives of Virginians with disabilities. To propose support for legislation that enhances the lives of Virginians with disabilities.

 Nominations and Elections Committee Chair Members

  • Adair Jensen-Smith

The purpose of the Nominations and Elections Committee shall be to select (through nomination and election procedures) the ongoing leadership of the Virginia Rehabilitation Association.

Insofar as possible, the Virginia Rehabilitation Officers and Board of Directors shall be representative of the membership (representative of the various agencies, private companies, professional organizations which are represented in the membership, representative of the various disciplines and occupations in the membership, representative of non-discrimination with regard to ethnic background, age, race, disability and geographic area), and will be representative of the state